Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Turkish rapper, Holocaust Survivor Team Up

by: Max Fisher
The Atlantic Wire

Many Americans happily welcome Muslim immigrant communities to the U.S., but European governments have a slightly more complicated track record. This may help to explain why two Europeans from very different nations and generations have come together to fight racism. Esther Bejarano is an 85-year-old German Holocaust survivor. She developed her musical talent playing in Auschwitz. Kutlu Yurtseven is a young Turkish immigrant in Cologne making a name as a rapper in the group Microphone Mafia.

Brought together by a shared legacy of enduring racism in Europe and by their love of music, Bejarano and Yurtseven combine rapping with old-Europe Jewish folk music. The two record youth-friendly music preaching racial acceptance. Their album, Per La Vita, is not currently available on Amazon. But you can listen to a sample track, "Desateur," below.

Original Article from the Atlantic

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