Sunday, September 7, 2008

New York Times: "Turkey’s President Makes Historic Visit to Armenia"

See excerpts from the article below:
Sept. 7, 2008

ISTANBUL — Turkey’s president arrived in Armenia on Saturday, the first visit by a Turkish leader in the two nations’ history.

The president, Abdullah Gul, was invited by the Armenian president, Serge Sargsyan, to attend a soccer game in Yerevan, the capital, between the national teams.

The trip was widely seen as a symbolic gesture to normalize relations between the countries, which have recognized each other but have not established diplomatic relations.
“Although I cannot go into details, some consensus was reached for the normalization of bilateral relations,” said a Turkish Foreign Ministry official who asked not to be identified, under normal diplomatic rules.

“Expectations should not be hyped, but the visit is clearly a goodwill gesture from Turkey,” the official said.
The Turkish team won the soccer match, 2-0.

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